How Much Does an Inflatable Water Slide Cost?

How Much is an Inflatable Water Slide? Are They Expensive?

Is there a more exciting way to cool off than flying down an inflatable water slide? If so, we’d love to know what it is. But while an inflatable water slide is definitely a blast to use, is it also a blast to your wallet? Just how much does an inflatable water slide cost, really?

Consumer grade Vinyl Crossover™ inflatable water slides typically start in the $800 to $900 range, and can cost up to $1300 or more. Meanwhile, commercial inflatable water slides can cost anywhere from $1500 to $8000 or even more. It really depends on what type of inflatable water slide you need and what you’ll be using it for.

Vinyl Crossover™ Slides vs. Commercial Inflatable Water Slides

So what’s the difference between a Vinyl Crossover slide and a commercial inflatable water slide? And what’s with that huge price gap between them?

An inflatable water slide offers lots of fun for thrill seekers of all ages

Our Vinyl Crossover Inflatables are designed and built with heavy duty vinyl, rather than the cheap nylon and polyester more commonly seen in consumer grade, retail level water slides. They’re built for consumer use, but using commercial grade materials. They’re a few steps above the retail inflatable water slides for sale on other websites, but a step below commercial inflatable water slides.

A commercial inflatable water slide is designed for use in the party and event rental industry. If you own a rental company and you’re looking for a unit to use as an inflatable water slide rental, you’d of course want a commercial inflatable.

So which one do you really want? Get a Vinyl Crossover Inflatable Water Slide if …

  • It’s for personal use; your family, your friends, and/or people in your neighborhood will be using it
  • You plan to set it up once or twice per week, at most
  • You’re using it on private property where there aren’t any liability concerns
  • You anticipate less than 10 kids might use it in a single day

Get a Commercial Inflatable Water Slide If …

  • You’ll use this as an inflatable water slide rental unit
  • You plan on setting it up more than two or three times per week
  • You’re using it for a church group, an afterschool program, a youth camp/summer camp, etc.
  • You anticipate 10+ kids might use it in a single day

Need Help Finding the Perfect Inflatable Water Slide for Sale?

Buying an inflatable water slide can seem intimidating at first. It's not just a matter of answering this one question—how much does an inflatable water slide cost to buy—and moving on. There are so many options to choose from and design features to suss out. Each unit has its own pros and cons that ebb and flow with your planned usage. It can be a lot to take on!

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