How to Choose the Perfect Inflatable Water Slide

Which Inflatable Water Slide is Best?

Finding the best inflatable water slide for your needs is sort of like choosing the ideal car. There are a whole lot of variables. There are all sorts of performance and aesthetic choices you’ll need to make. But at the end of the day, it’s your needs and your environment that will ultimately help you make a decision.

I’m a parent. I want a car where I can get the baby seat in and out easily, leaving enough space for the bigger kids. Living in an urban area, I prefer smaller vehicles; I don’t want a big, tall SUV. I want something sporty and fun to drive when the kids aren’t with me. And living in Buffalo, I need a car that can handle the heavy lake effect snow our city is famous for.

Choosing an inflatable water slide? It’s a lot like buying a new car. You’ve got a toddler, an eight-year old, and a young teenager, so you want a slide they can all enjoy. You want it to fit in your backyard. You want to pick a gender neutral theme that all three kids will be happy with; a rainbow theme, or perhaps a tropical theme. Or maybe it’ll be something else entirely?

You may not be looking at fuel economy or how fast it accelerates from zero to 60. But like buying a car, buying an inflatable water slide is a big investment. And there are lots of things you’ll need to take into consideration before entering your card info. Let’s take a look at these common factors and see if we can find the perfect inflatable water slide to suit your needs.

Are You Better Off with an Inflatable Water Slide Rental?

Not every family needs a big inflatable water slide. Not every family has the time, the money, or the storage space to facilitate one. So before we get into all these factors that might shape the inflatable slide you decide to buy, let’s first take a moment to make sure you need to buy one in the first place.

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you may want to consider looking into booking an inflatable water slide rental. There are probably inflatable water slides for rent near you, and it might make more sense to book one than buy one. If you do answer “yes” to any of these questions but you still aren’t sure, give our sales team a call at <1-512-743-5560>’’’’










The ages and sizes of the kids (or adults) doing the sliding will help determine how big or small an inflatable water slide your family needs